Thursday, 7 February 2013

When my mother came to earth

A child bloom from the womb when all were loudly

Shouting it was a girl, indeed it was her; my mother.

In her mind she thought of million things whilst many

Thought she couldn’t even see, from her eyes she formed her future capsule.

When everyone called her the cute child she smelled

the dusty world where she was going to live in.

Truly all this seems as a nightmare but truly it isn’t

 but a set of a real realistic realm of birth of my mother.

There she first crawl then she got the first pain

But she was hoping that atleast she was getting somewhere

To feed herself one day, truly she felt the pain on her knees.

She began to know that pain is all over the earth other than no food ”poverty”.


She cried loud to her mom when her father was beating her

though she started to doubt a man to have in her life.

For some reason men became beautiful animal species

That existed in houses to herself, would she run away?

Stronger she became when she first thought of education

Truly she knew that one day she was going to plant a seed on earth

A seed that shall split words like fire to burn injustice and inhuman virtues.

Truly she knew that in her womb not a president but a chief president

Will reside for nine months, in her hands he was going to pass through.

Her voice would speak loud to link the parliament built deep in her,

The empire, the palace for nothing is blessed like a womb of a woman.


When she gave birth to I the seed of soul, seed of the soil,

She knew that a trouble was born, a trouble to those that exploit

Souls of mankind thinking that they are smart called politicians and scientists….

The gold scripture was born where souls will be restored, minds cleansed

Hope revitalized, where words are all we missing in the world.

When my mother gave birth to me, she knew that you were in need

Of my touch, maybe not perhaps but completeness, reminder, ohhh yes

She knew that a soldier of company no quit was born, not their captain but chief captain.

When my mother saw the world quite she gave birth knowing that words will spill

Like burning fires of hell, to burn all the despairs formed unto earth,

to recapture the lost souls in the lands of non-racial charisma.

She knew that I shall walk through principles of happiness

Manipulate barriers of religion and find all purposes.

When my mother was born, she knew I was going to defeat manifestos

With their mandates then form true peace to wherever my word falls.


Saturday, 3 November 2012

Poetry with life and love: Wait for the right time so they say

Poetry with life and love: Wait for the right time so they say: wait for the right time they say: yes for the right time they called side by side, ocean across ocean maybe thats why all the kids de...

Wait for the right time so they say

wait for the right time they say:
yes for the right time they called
side by side, ocean across ocean
maybe thats why all the kids debited their
lives to the streets, yes waiting for the right time,
the right time will come for them to have mansions.
yes thats patience they say, maybe you who guard mansions now
yourtime will come that they will guard you. forsaking our mentalities
with incomplete civil qoutes, on top of incompetent quotations.
your time will come, how fake is this?
Damn religion also cream the system with false hope
for it say all was planned then anything I do is within the content
then blast aside with your preachings for my time will come
that I will meditate the word, live according to it, do as it say.
yes wait, your time shall come as if this 'Time'
will rise to upload itself in your life while it stamp to
caliber judgment at all times.
for the right time I am still waiting
that one day I will own tenders stop being a plumber,
patient I am for one day I know I will drive the expense
and shutdown my car wash, for sure my boots will fly away
when I fall into sharp and shiny shoes.
your time indeed shall come so they say,
no wonder the agenda in the parliament is started with a prayer
for it was planned before creation, then they are meant to corrupt us
rape us our gold, kill us for our land yah truly it was their time
our time shall come where our president will be black and self elected.
yes Obama came so did Mandela but still we suffered and blamed the past,
for sure we forgot that the time shall come, as it come to pass.
yes its said as head of faith while its just a stimuli
to stipulate our minds into self created faith that all things shall change,
though deep in us the true faith roar loud for our deeds to change our lives.
right time shall come yes they say but I still have to attend unending classes
to raise my class of living,wonder how many souls are waiting for the right time.
Time is not a friend of man but the judge on earth that is given free to individual.
Right time we are still waiting not sure
whether when you arrive all of us would be dead.
Right time I sigh echoes to you to come for we are waiting
for you to come and shape our lives into our wills.
Sorry to you whom are told to work hard, dedicate and so on
for if the right time is not with you, you are just playing
and you will all die successful and wealth so I soothsay.
Smart are those who are still waiting for they got the prophecy
"right time shall come" but will die poor just like that.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Poetry with life and love: Forgiveness is what I am begging for

Poetry with life and love: Forgiveness is what I am begging for: І Quiet, peaceful creature kind I am known and I aint fight it. Loving, embracing, encouraging man That’s me to you all dis...

Forgiveness is what I am begging for


Quiet, peaceful creature kind

I am known and I aint fight it.

Loving, embracing, encouraging man

That’s me to you all distant.

Words roll like tsunami from my

Mouth leave frown and fear to many.

It’s a coin with many sides

But exist genetically.


Uncle Johan down on my knees

Falling with rolled heart

Pleading, begging, seeking peace

Between our lives.

For I never know all my rights

And wrongs but I plead

For I today accept my state of wrongness

And say beat me, kill me, bury me.

Maybe I never deserve to live.

If your happiness is entailed in strangle

My inside out do so.

I plead for forgiveness.


Mom’s family I am a human like them all.

Mistakes are all over to

Prescribe me but but

I am seeking, crying, falling on your

Honourship for peace

Between our rivers.

I tried, tried and tried but

Her life stopped, the blood flew

Throughout my body, the shame covered me.

Can’t return her but I feel what you feel,

Like broken glasses on my heart continuously

Grind deep in me.

Not worth pretending anymore,

Death is a must for me.

If your peace can pave through my perishment

then death cover me and rescue the one’s I love.


As a black sheep I never mixed

With them to not spoil them with blood.

I never knew that trying not knowing

Shall rescue me with a coffin but

I am worth rivers, mountains, predators

And scavengers.


Mistress I never chose them to die

But death converts all livings.

Luckily they were the first to be found

By the culprit.

Blaming for the deed I never know,

I am the street kid of choice.

Hate me not them, they did nothing

I plead, beg, and cry for peace

Between your will and their interests.

If peace of your heart is lined with me to death

Then ask God to stop the will of interest.


The thorns and broken glasses

I walk on top worth your forgiveness.

Unfortunately your wills were not

Presented to me to know what

You wanted out of me.

I admit my wrongness, humbling

My pride and rewards.

Forgiveness is what I seek from you.


To all those I never respected

Never honour them.

Undermined, underestimated

Down like a falling tree I fall.

Forgive me I seek your love again.


To my parents all the tragedy

I caused, cheat, steal, betrayed

Never chase me out of your hearts.

Rent me some love in your lost lives.


I am sorry for living, passing,

Leaving your child, for all the achievement

I remarked on earth I apologize for not caring you through.

To the parents across the street

I am sorry for being me.

To the witches, haters, killers

That failed to achieve me

I am sorry.

Thanks to the lovers

To the others forgive me, that’s how I am.




Saturday, 22 September 2012

Poetry with life and love: Even trees prove tha you are strong

Poetry with life and love: Even trees prove tha you are strong: In my years of academics, agriculture has been my field but animals were my major hence plants were something a bit far from my concern, ...

Even trees prove tha you are strong

In my years of academics, agriculture has been my field but animals were my major hence plants were something a bit far from my concern, thanks to poetry which gave me desire of loving the nature as a complete circuit. Everytime when time was spent viewing the nature only one site would be the focus of that time given, today I fell in love with trees and not all about them but the sizing of trees. The trees fell into consideration weren't planted by anyone on this plot but here, they are hard and strong with beauty that cannot be resisted. In the family of trees there's unfairness, no democracy or liberation in choosing the size of your height and body weight all that, is done by other constituents such as the type of species, water validity, soil type, weather conditions one can count them till sunset but as a seed you are expected to bear the best fruits regardless of the choices given.


At this point in time you are puzzled as to then what happen or why did it come to my mind? Back to the sizzling concern first brought when the trees were considered "sizes of trees". These trees are subdivided into two: sizes the tall ones and short ones( growing under the tall ones), viewing this I felt the pain/torture that the tall trees experience whilst the one beneath adventure under them. The tall tree is the one that experience all the blowing wind and reduce the velocity before it reaches the trees under, what about the heavy rains;they reduce all that may blend the trees under them. It behaves more like parents as per principles of nature in human kind, protecting and make as if all things are simple while up above them they are strangled with sleepless nights trying to resolve all the burdens of the real world.


The tall tree never chose to be tall, its like the sun that never chose to light during the day but it does so regardless of the clouds on the sky. Slowly tears fell down deep in thought I found myself seeing and feeling the pain that the tree was feeling up above but still continue to shade the one's under until they are matured enough to be exposed to the real world. Deep in me I recovered the reality that same it is to human, so many brothers and sisters in our beautiful land are tall trees in their families, situations and life in general. All that we see as the world is the hard rocky beautiful creature overcoming all sorts of problems and never seem to fall on the knees while others adventure around him/her. But then why are we so desperate and blinded by troubles in life-trees never consider this as unfairness or compare themselves with the trees beneath them. They compare themselves with the trees same size than them or taller than their, whilst us human continue to look under and see this as unfairness, continual comparing ourselves to other trees that adventure forgetting our position hence we see life as a pain every day.


I utter this words to not banish the world but to remind the brothers and sisters that feel like life is never fair to them, deep down in you the is a rock strong person that can defeat all this conditions that try to torture and the rewards of doing so without a thought of unfairness is irresistible strong soul that overcome all problems with no regard of the size(they wouldn’t happen to you if you could not handle it-it may seem totally dark now but you are the only one with a solution of it). Learning has been the greatest strength of all Tall trees or the shinning sun that pass light even when clouds are striking. Don’t worry about those that are living sweet under you and don’t blame them it’s because of their ability is short and small (immature-not yet ready). Continue to give life and burden no other but pursue life as if you know what will happen tomorrow. Secret of life tall trees are less in number because not all tree can be hard and strong to stand the torture and pain so expect no too much role models or friends up there. All that is under you Tall tree(all the grasses, short trees, insects and so forth) need to mature before it can be exposed to real world and that’s why you are there to cover them."We can all be happy in life if we knew our positions in the teams where we are playing and what they expect from us"