Saturday, 3 November 2012

Wait for the right time so they say

wait for the right time they say:
yes for the right time they called
side by side, ocean across ocean
maybe thats why all the kids debited their
lives to the streets, yes waiting for the right time,
the right time will come for them to have mansions.
yes thats patience they say, maybe you who guard mansions now
yourtime will come that they will guard you. forsaking our mentalities
with incomplete civil qoutes, on top of incompetent quotations.
your time will come, how fake is this?
Damn religion also cream the system with false hope
for it say all was planned then anything I do is within the content
then blast aside with your preachings for my time will come
that I will meditate the word, live according to it, do as it say.
yes wait, your time shall come as if this 'Time'
will rise to upload itself in your life while it stamp to
caliber judgment at all times.
for the right time I am still waiting
that one day I will own tenders stop being a plumber,
patient I am for one day I know I will drive the expense
and shutdown my car wash, for sure my boots will fly away
when I fall into sharp and shiny shoes.
your time indeed shall come so they say,
no wonder the agenda in the parliament is started with a prayer
for it was planned before creation, then they are meant to corrupt us
rape us our gold, kill us for our land yah truly it was their time
our time shall come where our president will be black and self elected.
yes Obama came so did Mandela but still we suffered and blamed the past,
for sure we forgot that the time shall come, as it come to pass.
yes its said as head of faith while its just a stimuli
to stipulate our minds into self created faith that all things shall change,
though deep in us the true faith roar loud for our deeds to change our lives.
right time shall come yes they say but I still have to attend unending classes
to raise my class of living,wonder how many souls are waiting for the right time.
Time is not a friend of man but the judge on earth that is given free to individual.
Right time we are still waiting not sure
whether when you arrive all of us would be dead.
Right time I sigh echoes to you to come for we are waiting
for you to come and shape our lives into our wills.
Sorry to you whom are told to work hard, dedicate and so on
for if the right time is not with you, you are just playing
and you will all die successful and wealth so I soothsay.
Smart are those who are still waiting for they got the prophecy
"right time shall come" but will die poor just like that.