Thursday, 7 February 2013

When my mother came to earth

A child bloom from the womb when all were loudly

Shouting it was a girl, indeed it was her; my mother.

In her mind she thought of million things whilst many

Thought she couldn’t even see, from her eyes she formed her future capsule.

When everyone called her the cute child she smelled

the dusty world where she was going to live in.

Truly all this seems as a nightmare but truly it isn’t

 but a set of a real realistic realm of birth of my mother.

There she first crawl then she got the first pain

But she was hoping that atleast she was getting somewhere

To feed herself one day, truly she felt the pain on her knees.

She began to know that pain is all over the earth other than no food ”poverty”.


She cried loud to her mom when her father was beating her

though she started to doubt a man to have in her life.

For some reason men became beautiful animal species

That existed in houses to herself, would she run away?

Stronger she became when she first thought of education

Truly she knew that one day she was going to plant a seed on earth

A seed that shall split words like fire to burn injustice and inhuman virtues.

Truly she knew that in her womb not a president but a chief president

Will reside for nine months, in her hands he was going to pass through.

Her voice would speak loud to link the parliament built deep in her,

The empire, the palace for nothing is blessed like a womb of a woman.


When she gave birth to I the seed of soul, seed of the soil,

She knew that a trouble was born, a trouble to those that exploit

Souls of mankind thinking that they are smart called politicians and scientists….

The gold scripture was born where souls will be restored, minds cleansed

Hope revitalized, where words are all we missing in the world.

When my mother gave birth to me, she knew that you were in need

Of my touch, maybe not perhaps but completeness, reminder, ohhh yes

She knew that a soldier of company no quit was born, not their captain but chief captain.

When my mother saw the world quite she gave birth knowing that words will spill

Like burning fires of hell, to burn all the despairs formed unto earth,

to recapture the lost souls in the lands of non-racial charisma.

She knew that I shall walk through principles of happiness

Manipulate barriers of religion and find all purposes.

When my mother was born, she knew I was going to defeat manifestos

With their mandates then form true peace to wherever my word falls.