Sunday, 23 September 2012

Forgiveness is what I am begging for


Quiet, peaceful creature kind

I am known and I aint fight it.

Loving, embracing, encouraging man

That’s me to you all distant.

Words roll like tsunami from my

Mouth leave frown and fear to many.

It’s a coin with many sides

But exist genetically.


Uncle Johan down on my knees

Falling with rolled heart

Pleading, begging, seeking peace

Between our lives.

For I never know all my rights

And wrongs but I plead

For I today accept my state of wrongness

And say beat me, kill me, bury me.

Maybe I never deserve to live.

If your happiness is entailed in strangle

My inside out do so.

I plead for forgiveness.


Mom’s family I am a human like them all.

Mistakes are all over to

Prescribe me but but

I am seeking, crying, falling on your

Honourship for peace

Between our rivers.

I tried, tried and tried but

Her life stopped, the blood flew

Throughout my body, the shame covered me.

Can’t return her but I feel what you feel,

Like broken glasses on my heart continuously

Grind deep in me.

Not worth pretending anymore,

Death is a must for me.

If your peace can pave through my perishment

then death cover me and rescue the one’s I love.


As a black sheep I never mixed

With them to not spoil them with blood.

I never knew that trying not knowing

Shall rescue me with a coffin but

I am worth rivers, mountains, predators

And scavengers.


Mistress I never chose them to die

But death converts all livings.

Luckily they were the first to be found

By the culprit.

Blaming for the deed I never know,

I am the street kid of choice.

Hate me not them, they did nothing

I plead, beg, and cry for peace

Between your will and their interests.

If peace of your heart is lined with me to death

Then ask God to stop the will of interest.


The thorns and broken glasses

I walk on top worth your forgiveness.

Unfortunately your wills were not

Presented to me to know what

You wanted out of me.

I admit my wrongness, humbling

My pride and rewards.

Forgiveness is what I seek from you.


To all those I never respected

Never honour them.

Undermined, underestimated

Down like a falling tree I fall.

Forgive me I seek your love again.


To my parents all the tragedy

I caused, cheat, steal, betrayed

Never chase me out of your hearts.

Rent me some love in your lost lives.


I am sorry for living, passing,

Leaving your child, for all the achievement

I remarked on earth I apologize for not caring you through.

To the parents across the street

I am sorry for being me.

To the witches, haters, killers

That failed to achieve me

I am sorry.

Thanks to the lovers

To the others forgive me, that’s how I am.