Wednesday, 7 March 2012

From there to here it was hot

Living in a muddy house

With no wardrobe even appliances

Or nor furniture.

A kraal house was mine.

Mostly unwashed clothes.

Eating myself.

Eating the soil as it is.

Wearing an old overall of municipality.

My favourite t-shirt with Joy ur life,

Made me to grieve everyday.

Everyone split at me.

An amorphous face, sad people.

Piss off and fuck you was my daily

Name while I’m trying to hunt food.

Unhealthy food was there for me.

I didn’t die even though it wasn’t funny.

Plenty people come to say cheerio

To the unhealthy smelling guy.

They didn’t even accept me in their prayer.

No, I was dreaming-I was alive.

Never thought about two things

Suicide or crime up.

“Jah will come to me in

Right time”

Illiterate human like me.

No-one felt a pain.

I started by doing two and

Three I saw a prosper coming far

From me and hate me.

I begged it and pleaded it.

Finally here we go, here I am

Everyone like me

Appreciate me and care for me.

It was horrible.

Exile was my home.

Although apartheid era was over

But I was still a slave.

Absurd, silly and stupid are words

That boil my brain.

Powerless brought honour to me.

I was almost slained.

Nothing interested people from me.

I tried the crowd and get a crown.

All summer rains fell on me inside my home.

All winter cold ate me as a dog eat

A nice born.