Monday, 5 March 2012

who are yu

From my fathers side the giant Mboma
raised across the mountains of Nquthu
as leaned to the lady of Mdakane hence
My father was allocated transport through them.
Nginjenge mbewe ehlanyelwe phezu kwamatshe
kodwa iqhakaza ufung' amanzi ngaphansi.
Mboma, Mathul'omuhle ngiyazibongela mina
On my Mother's side I am the traveller
of all times as the Queen great grandmother Mthembu
set close as the master of flocks Msobho rise
Across abomshengu launched the heart with love.
Quite as the man of "disturb" rise stood to
force the arrival as the team of Mdlanyoka set all charismatics.
charmed he laid the heart njengecansi ilanga selishonile
then my mom was called and honoured with transport to earth.
Along KwaDududu Athex as she walk to the space of Kamlozi
that was my mom as she set glamour to my father.
Mshengu, Shabalala, Donga laMavuso
praises to the royalty that found me.
then me came from the spin rolling
from the Heaven covered with spots of hatred and anger.
Emaswazini I served my sentence of growth
for life served memories that never leave in mind.
filled with unlimited words in mind,
enslaved in mind, free in heart.......