Monday, 12 March 2012

I trusted you

Like waves in the morning

Along the ocean.

The proudly noise of no deflaction

No mistake ever passed in here.

With a smile and humble face coated

You said Love River flowed across your liver

In the love river to the ocean heart.

I said I can’t you cried tears of no

Salt, shame posted on thy face.

I thought and thought and thought

 I said why me?

You said: the vast of the world mean

No presence of thee except me.

I said among them why me?

Your eyes shrink in the cream of your eyelids

Smoothly said the only one is me.

A number of ants may be stands but

Me cream of flower never stopped giving the spark.

I said no, I can’t.

Down on your knees you went

Holding my hands promising joy.

I said I am young

You said like a plant next to the love river

In happiness you will endeavor me.

I said no I will think

Tomorrow again you were there

Reciting love for me.

Your patience proved metamorphic

Love, your passion proved eternity.

Hesitatively convinced I said I do.

I do still remember well:

Across the road madness was in you

Not knowing what to do, was that one.

A day passed to form a week

A month passed to form a year

Love brilliantly expressed, had no thought

Of this but it was new every day.

In your arms I certified myself as your

Wife, you said husband.

Flowers, cards, dinners convinced that

Love given is equal to love received.

Damn down I went, drama was done

Truism was seen.

We called it forever and forever

While you knew you dated my …..

Same blood same genes.

I trusted you.

I trusted you with my body

But you broadcasted me.

I trusted you with my love

But you burnt it to ashes.

I trusted you with my time

But you cheated on me.