Saturday, 28 July 2012

To all ladies in the world

yo yo yo yo

hahahaha so many minds start to roll with

the lines of rap but not that far my journey may derive

for the driver speak clear lines about the so called deep thoughts.

dear sista maybe too often this words were said to you

that yo... yo ...yo... is too beautiful that landscapes of Eden

as poets aligned those beautiful words that yo... yo.. yo...

is way out of descriptional prescription so called "ineffable".

each day formed long lines as one minute bounced back to the 67 seconds

ooohp no no no 60 seconds I meant, pen scratching the stretches on the head

if scars to come would be an Indian ocean as I form a line of guesses.

but here me out: your lips aligned my thoughts of love close to the heart,

thick and transparent I guess my heartbeat slowly to confirm your touch though

far you are passing from me. A thought of you is like suicide attempt,

a true sin of them all, for desire of loving, touching, looking is stipulated

deep in the stimulus of manipulation. Your smile create attempt

of seeing your teeth, not forgetting hearing your voice from the mouth

for the face conclude the basement of the hypothalamus into stability.

hands made short to punctuate all sentences as you form

small rivers of wishes in my mind, prideful I congratulate you

for all practical lessons of beauty were brought thru you.

your beauty is extremely untouchable, not that I pose a pic

of you just that I wanna reference when I choose mine one day,

your streams of body tells the variation of greatest design unto

my land to choose from, you are beautiful need not to be told for I just told you now.

#never undermine yourself as a woman, love yourself as an individual

never compare yourself, never imitate for you were made without comparison:

maybe you man pass you everyday but can’t see you cause you imitate someone.

maybe I can’t recognize you, hidden by the so called today’s beauty#

*every woman is beautiful compared with no other woman*