Tuesday, 31 July 2012

my tatoo in heart

counting slowly like a preschool baby boy

one two three four five mom I can’t continue

all hands clapped for encourage, so I wish this state was to be as such

for each day it’s like everyone throw the biggest coal over

not to prove a point but to stamp the forever existed theories.

*nothing shall never end*everyone claimed even the so called

life approves as such to all states of appearing estates,

but I:us shall disapprove the existence of existence of lengthened history.

painful, despiteful as this stupid game is placed in cast.

for reality are lines of the beliefs of all the afore-exinct survivors

you are my tatoo, not just any tatoo but a tatoo in heart

irremovable tatoo for the designer were your footprints.

cursed streams over the churches shall fall as blessings

over such the lining between us, the tatoo is you, the tatoo is your life

made by your lips, your curve, your heart damn your love curse me deep

with attachment aligned by ligaments of nature, transmitted by blood.

for you are virus in blood, my bacteria in organs,

my forever stain of vivids, sort of strains cover the falling

of us as we settle together like matters of love on the radio.

I your strings in a guitar, beats in a piano, melody in a ballad

yes my fear, my sphere touches me in between senses of us together.

As the valves cover down the mission of all visions as you are the vein

In my heart, you are the reason why blood surpasses from above to down.

I peel of my triangles of lust to the last site of my view,

Blindfold my eyes with your beauty; stain my mind with your love.

As time fell for me to live for a spare time, it shall be for you

Just for you to have the breakfast in bed, shower in blankets

For this is designed by us: me and the footprint.

Glow my wishing with gloom of all the rivers

Blossom my life with hope not for a certain time, make it fountanious

 bond to me cations to anion, mountain of fame in life....
#to be continued#