Saturday, 17 March 2012

I fell with you

I fell with you

I fell in love with you

First time your voice

Flow in my ears to the organ of corti.

You drove me crazy

My cranial nerves communicate less

With the spinal nerves.

I fell in love with you

First time my eyes tempted on you.

Different images trod around

But my mind failed to forget you.

Felt like a day mare

But truly you were there.

I fell in love with you

First time we talk.

Electrical atoms ran all over

The body system.

Definitely it was you.

Your smile covered my shame.

First time spent time with you

Magically maddened me.

Dreams seem special

Hard to avoid the victim

Of life.

All passages were posted you.

All walls of my heart had you.

All corners of my brain filled by you.

First time we kissed

Reversed my unhappiness.

Restored my value;

Melodious birds voices

Sang all over my ears.

My face totally trafficked

In one store.

First time we strongly bond

All soldiers set their weapons.

Higher my dignity.

Though names rained over me

But you in my arms

Completeness was done inside me.

First time you got angry;

Never called complication

Pride thrown away

Tears mess your face

Cringing my cardiac muscles.

Down to knees to set you back.

First time you authorize my feelings

Cared less about dreams

Your arms cuddle me as a toddler

Comfort flown throughout the blood.

Your eyes statured me as a hero

Purity blow and restore my happiness.

First time ask me if we will

Ever separate in life.

Everything was pure and genuine

Inseparable we were

Like stars on the sky

Like the soil and plants

My heart glued into yours.

Could feel that God

Has planned something ahead.

Heart do a sing along

With the brain.

Happiness snor inside

Love trod around the heart.