Saturday, 17 March 2012

God have mercy

 God have mercy on me

Express love of love

Over my heart.

Immerse my brain

To wisdom of knowing you.

Pour joy over the

Life I have.

Dry all pastures of Anger,

Hatred within me.

Manifest  yourself  to me

As you did to Paul.

Install faith in my brain

As you did to David.

Make me not betray you

Like Judas.

Bring vision and trust  in me

As you did with Moses.

If  Jesus your only son

Could walk ontop of water

Make me never forget your name.

Sink my hands in the

Blood of the Lamb.

Bless me with Heavenly  joy.

Bring your heavy rain to wash,

My sinful nature.

If  Samson and David could kill

A lion without a spear;

Install belief in me.

If  those who trust in you

are  like mount Zion

which will never be shaken,

Revive my trust in you.

If all who live and listen to

Your commandments live eternally,

Make me live by them.

Make them be my tradition.

If you created Heaven

And earth and made me

By your own image.

Make me honour your strength.

If you were able to

Give Joseph the strength

Not to defile your temple

At his youth;

Make me never forget your


God have mercy

God shower us with mercies