Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The golden stripe in my heart

thank you for me, thank you for us
when the appointment of arrival was thrown
on earth everyone threw hands far, cried the fear to touch the giants.
fear blown their capabilities of trying,
narrowed their vision of care, love and tendersness.
yet many choices were given, chance of leg around the streets,
hawk your dreams, lay your seeds across the streets but you but you
you gave the steam of love through the pores of your heart,
tears falling deep as thoughts attach your name.
thank you for us, me, them and all the nations lean over your postures.
bless you for me, bless you for us
as you medium them down to earth, form the conjunctions
lines of transmission from Heaven down to the state of actions.
spears of earth temper the soul of a lonely sister with no clear
driven scheme around the culprits of paper and ink.
as they sing joy on their tv's, you you alone
along the streets all the storms and snows
depolited your beauty, killed your dream for me, for us.
ohh you are the soulmate of times, nourished us with
garment of love, guidance, care, tenderness and respect.
manipulated your joyous days to give us glamorous weapon of the world-
"intelligence" to cull the flames of the fame and shame within.
starve yourself to ful me, undressed yourself to swagg me,
tired yourself to energize me, cried yourself to happy me.
bless you for us, me, them and all the nations lean over your portrays.
pain to me, pain to us
pain to us that to day we climb the world
aligned our minds to your teachings in your absence.
without you to guide us anymore, without you to mark us wrong.
diffuse us from our stance of building components,
pain to us ,pain to me for today we shine, brim above the mountains
without your smile, doubt cover us at times for you inspiration fountain
raised far to the Heavens, throw your eyes to observe us rise within the lions
grind them for we aint man neither animals but true giants made by you.
pain to those who cant sleep, as the giants move around the world to make the best of themselves.....