Thursday, 9 August 2012

when I die (i)

The day I die

play the song "storm is over" sing it with

enthusiasm, deep as the grave would be calling

slowly like a child I shall crawl into it with peace.

Rehears those voice like violins and pianos

like opera like rap, recite a poem that speak nothing to lie

but a true testimony of my life, cry for the lose of another marked spirit.

let the giants sigh love and principles to you all

for my remarks was launched ontop of red roses and white flowers.

Pray for my offspring for I shall not testify their stamping areas

confess love, hatred and anger for with peace I want to be laid.

beat the drums as the song rise above the pains to

those that loved me and never motioned into reality.

let the sounds of poetry palpate the open wounds

while indulge internal wisdom and knowledge.

allow the poor and the rich to pamper themselves with pride

outcast a stage for the artists to promote, launch their footsteps.

lay a ground for the ones never married and those that never danced

give food to the kids along the streets, allow my forefathers to advertise

their ritual and tell you that thats where I came from,

allow the preacher to preach about God not churches that he heard about

allow the children of God worship together like water heading to the sea

singing one song, with one pattern like a Ndebele house.

sing the song, invite R-Kelly to sing it for me, Him not sign autographs

before I land deep in the soils, eat the best meal for I am dead.

Storm is over now, I can see the sunshine, beyond the clouds