Saturday, 11 August 2012

Judge not me

I hate the smell but talk of me

as I pass thru the world along those sinful

pastures for no man shall not see God,

As he lay us on Earth, allow us to make programs

but never program us what a wonder that can be:

as we state all sins to those whom sin I fear for you might be sinning

more for undermining Gods plan, it might be too light as you judge

the great Judge's decision, plan, structure. blood smell to the souls

you banned out of your church for mis-abiding to your church's rules

as if God said it is the best, as if He Himself landed to stamp yours as the best church.

I prejudge no soul as they cannibalize each other around me

I know He has a plan about me, they died in struggle

in which they went knowing that death is promised hence suicide but no

we judge those who sacrifice their souls in our communities.

who are you to judge me, who are you to judge His plan,

He Whom knew me before I was conceived, planned my life before I breath once

He Whom can approve my life or decide about it,

For He Himself said He is the only man that lives eternal but

intelligently He never stated the list of great ways to die,

ooh mankinds we shall perish like seeds that fell on rocks

thinking that we are in plan, do your best in changing someone’s life than judging them.

I foresee God’s plan being banned by His images, the anger done there

For you have treated yourself like him#judging them from what they do and did#

No man is too perfect to judge the other but many man

Have seen more to teach and advice others without the court stance.

As his image I serve my part not intervene with His wisdom

For His thinking is not like ours, He Himself sacrificed a precious and innocent soul

For freedom, He the Great one allowed His son to be wounded, suffered, enslaved and slained

For your spiritual freedom not judgment, He Himself allowed Job to suffer most to be blessed, He empowered Joseph defile not his youth, He allowed children of Israel to suffer inorder for His power to be shown, so who you are to stand on His way of planning,

 His hand is not shortened to touch all of us

At the same time, His eye can see all of us, He Who never sleep, starve, cry, blink

Fear your God for He’s Mighty, Majestic, iMmortal.

He created what He wants on his world so respect each even the one

That despite Him as God purpose was instilled within it,

And you are just an ant in his earth, but you are in the right side of Him

And shall be treated as a first born to Him.

Respect his plan for is unknown even the greatest prophets bow

To Him and serve Him whilst you serve them.

#never judge man for it His temple#