Sunday, 5 August 2012

I cry yes I cry

I cry I said I cry

as the sunset  I bare a chance to observe: even the birds

ran to their nest, puppies to their mothers in the kennel.

on the side my heartbeat slowly hearing the sounds

all over calling mama mama mama,i sigh a verse as I see

the wardrobe colour like coffin sink deep,

hear the voices of the giants echo loud

mama mama mama why now, as the dreadlocks scatter

the dreaded spear of the day to come, I thought

though the young souls understood nothing,

as it shrink deep with no sinking tears fell on the precious soils

unfearing soils that have covered their aforefathers,

soccer appeared to be too super at all days as she shrink in blankets

but as she place her sense for the last I see fear

to be too regular like super easy wave as if its easy whilst burn.

deep in me lines of fear set themselves parallel to the beat of the heart

as days, minutes, seconds serve perpendicular with life in me.

Maybe I do this for the last time, maybe I see you all here for the last

for the appointment to be achieved, in mind I see nothing except my grave

by the side, hope fountain sing no water but high extra note noted drought.

as if they wanted to see this day reality, khala nhliziyo(cry my heart).

looking at my hands I see the blood flow as a predator, all over my face

like a vampire. Guilt consciousness set me down on my knees for their

tears fell deep like the last note of a piano. left with a scar to cry for her

but if I killed her relevance falied me as even their father set close to graveyards

thru the etiology of one man which is me.#if yu love them,show them whilst they are still alive for guilty consciousness is a personal judge in mankind

that has made most of us run thinner unknown whilst we have them all#