Monday, 23 July 2012

time is the first judge in life

I see yes truly I see
 one second give birth to minutes
 as hours painlessly abort days, as if weeks would
 misscarry the months, still years formed conformation of decades
 trust no-one centuries transformed not only evolution but revolution
 at best, as if I was any special to the world
 crying out loud shouting loud....
 Government!! government!! as if it was a man standing above us all
 with all veins and vessels of life to prove and provide:
 all gold and silver to share with the lonely
 not only the desperate souls but all the poor in heart and obsessed aborted
 self hearted. damn tears flood down to earth to form nothing except
hatred and anger along the vessel of desiring.
 how many should I have to be happy? maybe I needed
 nothing for time is the judge in my life.
 pounds to dollars,rands to euro's but still
 I wanted more, more lives lost in my empire,
 my Gold diamond based chair with automatic massage.
 If time avails itself "ride on brada"
 #time is the judge before God#