Friday, 1 June 2012

I am I am

I am I am
I am the son no no the sun
in the morning I come to kill darkness
exhale bad dreams and raise good dreams into action
I invite my enemy close to me*clouds* but still perspire
... the light thru him to the lovely grass; life I bring.
The moon bow for me king has arrived
I reach stones and underground waters as they vapor.
In the morning as I come from the East heading to West
even my kids *stars* sing dear daddy as I swallow them with pride
protea’s awaken as the Ukraine head to the lake Chrissie.
I am I am
I am the angle no no the angel
for in my arrival the spirit is refilled
XPS with wings; immediate delivery
I indulge the lost dreams, kick the devil haunting you at night
approved from the majesty, approved from the Mighty.
I am I am
I am the vawter no no the water
As I ink your throat the smile reappears
shaken thoughts are being stilled,
As if you can fly over me but without me you aint something
I am a convertible self washing kind
as I leave the earth unseen and come back to bring joy
fulfill everyone’s dream, surpassing to the fairest and closest valleys.
I am I am