Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Expressional line (i)

yes I said Augatar no it’s not a planet

sound close to be a planet along the galaxy

I visualize it, as a crystal gold star at a dark night

That shines more than the sun on its stance.

yes really its not a plant, for it ever did

i guess it would grow far from mankind

so that only me D Giant wuld see, touch

curl, embrace as I embark with it.

Its flowers would serve as facial charmer

Essence for the lonely.

would it be a human i guess swagg wouldnt fit

as i fear wings pasted at the back.

I said Augatar not Guitar though sound related

but far like the different like strings of a guitar

very close to the melody of the saxophone.

giving a small beat of thoughts look quite to be

innocent as if university of beauty was learned,

governed, derived and integrated on you.

Didn’t I say you Augatar sound common with yoghurt

maybe surrounded by sweetness of irresistance;

lines of palatability superior the thoughts of wanting more

as the taste buds call more but too strong to be as honey

honey no more. Like yogheta as gogo getta with the ghetto lime young

boys of the street gather to gutter in one line paralyzed with thrills.

cant be a poem for words cant conquer any basement

sound too westernized than the thinking of America

look hot than the Indian spices, expensive than Dubai's wealth.

too artistic to be designed by man, too adorable to fall in love with.

yes I said just that #poetry defines me#