Monday, 11 June 2012

Dedicated to all lovers distant by distance (i)

Dedicated to all lovers distant by distance (i)

The distance we got....mmhhh

distance formed by mountains, buildings, clouds

like breeze moving to submit to a cyclone.

I vivid myself in deep sunken thoughts

seemingly singing loud "how much missing infected

me my soul, my heart; you soulmate, you angel, you happiness cloud

like arrows sent to my mind as that thought get narrow,

is this how much I love you, or its the adoring of the admires,

as poets and prophets confirm no love but

solemnly I endeavor into the feeling I feel,

not too emotional as I touch you in the senses of the

brain signals, as if I was born with wings,

to fly and immense myself to your ocean of love;

as I plan to sleep, it’s of need to dream you,

as my hand eager to lean along your neck, curled deep

in my arms as if you are a violin in my nights.

Like a saxophone I hear you, deep in thoughts i am reminded of you

eyes widely spread as if a dracula made not just a visit but

a victim of conviction. Streamed like water from the lake Chrissie,

fused with unknown missions of functions, allocated to locate only your heart.

Like a feather swinging at the tips of the ear, I sense you with no regard

of the perpendicular lines setting us apart at the moment.

Your voice is my alarm as it reminds me of all the good deeds

We did together make me aim the goods and be on time.

Your feeling in me is the victim of time for though

Parallel they may be but not too close to be close.

“Distance made me realize how much you mean to me.”