Tuesday, 29 May 2012

On the way to sleep

A poem written by Vusi Poetry-boy Sindane with Ndumi se Poet(edited by Ndumi se Poet)
You must have the safe journey on the way
 of dreadful drizzling dreams!
Ndumi se Poet
as you land I’m sure the plane of dreamland is well checked
and make sure as you depart the awaken land through the night
you have tighten the belt to touch the stars and kiss the sun
Indeed will jump to the sky talking to the stars,
conspiring with all the magic beauty through the dreamland of peace,
getting deeper to the sea! Waving my hand,
 humbling myself to the wave of the sea as well.
Ndumi se Poet
yeah as the Lord bare his eyes over you and
 smile through real feeling of happiness
His ears on my mouth, harking to my prayers,
 he rescued me under his crucial warmly hand of peace!,
he is sleepless indeed![smiling]
Ndumi se Poet
placing you on his righteous hand,
rock your mind with polished faith,
guard you as Queen Elizabeth for to him you are the first born,
to him you are on his heart, mind and soul
Because I am a servant,
I am his honorable speaker, the God given narrator inspire and perspire
 The whole world with words! Praising his mighty name! His glory, triumph!
And mercy as a king!
Ndumi se Poet
as he look at your face and forget about its expression
 drive through your heart to nourish it with honey,
*I can see you smiling* as he give diarrhea to loosen your sins
along the way to his honor ship for one day he shall serve you,

embrace you, love you, hold you up like swords of Israelites
He is the only God who made the Israelites to pass through the red ocean,
with no fear, no doubts and pains! The God almighty amongst the other gods!
Ndumi se Poet
not just mighty but Majestically to change water into wine,
weakness into power anyway what was the sea
 if he is the designer of the sea,
lift the nothing into a thing
Walking with his legs on top of the sea!

He made the food that suit billions of people at the moment!

 Wow! Love, due respect! Honor I bow and kiss his shinning and gleaterous legs.

Ndumi se Poet
down I appoint you for He knew you as a tiny thing in His mind,

He planned the future for you,

He appointed a dream for you,

then He gave you power to heal souls and flesh,

to own and authorize all under the sun,

and finally He gave you the spirit to defeat all spirits

that form to conform your formation like mould you deform strength of the weaker

 for you are the stronger from the strongest

Oh give thanks to God,
he gave us love enjoying forever,
he made the great life and the sun to rule over a day,
he made the moon and the stars to rule over the night!
Give thanks to Him!
Ndumi se Poet
then he laid the green carpet to walkover
roofed the earth with blue sky to smile at
 with white clouds to shower us:
gave us rivers, ocean and lakes to never dry our throats:
this is the smartest God for he even gave us cane to sweeten out mouth,
smarties with smoothies to honey our kisses.
hhahahaha hamba my God