Saturday, 12 May 2012

Life transporters:mothers

Mama; mme; moeder

Mother; mom mom mom mom

When  God  called  for the

Medium to take me to earth

You voluntered to transport

 Me to earth.

When other women fail

You perseved and be

Strong like an oak tree.

Some unfortunately miscarried their seeds

Some purposively aborted their seeds

Some abonded their seeds

You planted yours here

You strived till I become a plant.

Are you aware that:

You are the transporter

Of presidents and slaves

Of pilots and passengers

Of priest and sinners

Of winners and losers

Of Jesus Christ and devil.

With you

I am like a plant

Planted by the river.

Without you

 I’m like a plant

Planted on top of a rock.

With you

I am a survivor

Through all fears of life.

Without  you

I am a plant

With no-one to take care of.

With you

No storm are storms

No barriers are abolishers

‘cause you are the provider of

Love, care, passion, patience and strength.

Oh! My only mom.

My protector, my life guide book.

Without you

My eyes are filled with
tears and bitterness.

The world torture to deserts

Where no food is tasty

Where no sweet is tasted

Cause I am alone in

The world of barbarians.

Your love is like clouds

Which always bring joy

Unto plants.

Your care is like diamonds

Which drag everyone’s attention.

Your presence in my life ,make me

Able to explain life

Feel comfort

Know happiness

Not think about worries.