Friday, 18 May 2012

*Inspired by your smile*

As if we are the only people that see problems,

 As if you are living in your own planet,
A planet where no pain exists,

 No anger conquers, no jealousy,

 No selfishness, no slave, no dream fading......
As we cry tears all the earth to water

The soil with salinity our victories shame our fame.
Yu are resistant as if it is genetically made in you,

Like sparks of shooting stars your teeth confess,
as the economy fall in to the drain of those who afford,

Us unafforders crying lungs out.

Our voice ran far from being a jazz melody

But a thrash of hangover shit paralysis.

Contagious slides of bacteria infect us

But get to you strainless and stainless.

Your smile is a line of inspiration punctualising

My senses of hope, like hope of fountain.

As if the spirit of hope was instilled

In you only, for you can source.

Sparking, divining, shiny and crystal….

Your smile inspires the hopeless, instill love to the loveless

And adventure those who are lost in the vast land of torture.

#inspired by your smile#