Wednesday, 9 May 2012

At success you have battled

Among the says flooded to your face

Happiness is major. Through wishes our

Hearts are neither curled nor curved

Bright as snow more than the sunrays.

Though you cross the winning line

Still you are an ant to God yet precious.

Like the sun in the morning hope is brought

Through you, Gods strength adhered to thy life,

As a plant by the river-never cease to shine.

Yet tears tried to burn your face,

Bitterness tried to swallow you smile,

Temptations enervate your purity,

Fear enfeeble your shinning spot,

But I enfranchise you to the true world.

The world of enjambment, commitment and retrievement.

Where so many beautiful trees

Failed to shine in. Fell with no complement,

All praises and pride sink in the soil.

Some fell a year, a month, an hour

Some a second before they cross:

Though the sun was burning you but

You never went to Satan’s river

Yes under His arm you leaned.

Through all the pollutions, an award is given

Unto you. An award for respect and reflection

Of trueness and trust worth. Higher you go

As a rocket leave earth. Reach the stars

Touch the sky. Shine to earth, shine to the grass.

Older you are not, honored yes you are

Salute is done for you as an army among others.

A medal is placed on your chest, a trophy is

Your hands. A star is you.