Thursday, 24 May 2012

Africa my land I see,I fear

Africa my land I see, I fear

Past Africa:

Blessed Africa

Africa worn with grace, forgotten with grave

One Africa, one love, one vision

Mission, penetration like the rivers of Africa lands.

Africa that aint went through loop holes

Along verses of the lost mind.

Responsible as if their names were Response.

Probably that’s where I exist

As my life is firmed, concreted, conquered

On the statue of Nkurumah, Biko, Sisulu:

I can still smell the essence of their

Bloody blood, bloody sweat.

Can still feel the fear written over their

Spherical faces, eyes iced by the cold.

Speared with vital picture of vertices

Of their vessels.

Truly umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu

Motho ke motho ka batho

Nje’nsundu elaziyo isiko layo,

Interlinked intelligence, vivid by vapour of

Oneness, curse selfishness anyway we eat them not sell them,

 Common sense made by natural out flow thinking with no

Judgement but approved by Malcolm x.

As the drums hear the ears

Marimba breaks the ribs as if I had limbs

The guitar gutter my dream of Africa to one stream

Kuqhephuke ibheshu, kudabuke is’khumba

Imbongi ihaya, izintombi zisina zidedelana.

Present Africa:

Visualized parallel of anger, hatred

And fear, fear to touch, to

Touch their treasure, treasure given by their forefathers.

The smell of chisel outcome, science define,

Selfishness destroy our culture, sikolami

Ubuntu bam’, mvelaph’, msinsi wokuzimilela e Afrika.

You narrow minds, narrow intelligence.

Future Africa:

I foresee, I prophesize, I visualize a dark cloud

Fall over Africa deviated by smart thoughts,

Impurity, war, death, cannibalism

Science failure, slave of the master.

Corrected Africa:

My Africa nourished with sense

Of love, stipulated with care

Manipulated by fever of togetherness…..

…….to be continued……