Monday, 2 April 2012

Never got married to your beauty

It’s like it never happened when I was still

Wishing and dreaming, to be in your arms

To be in your heart.

One dream has set its allocation

In provocation but professional.

For time will land us into falls, fells and fails

Where our feet will be hard to lift

Our heart will be hard to love

Our hands be dry to comfort.

Where enemies would have drawn their

Live of failure in between

Like drops of rain fall in different areas

But destined to one land-the sea.

Your skin shall shrink, shall wilt,

Your beauty shall vapor as your queen smile disappears.

Mind lost as tempts conquer us strong

The experience cements us closer.

For the shiny days of your time shall end,

Your swag will dive into graves

As your life get close to an end.

I am aware that all those will come.

All those are not the reasons why I married you,

It was your faith, your penetration,

Your trueness, your personality,

In which all will never turn with time

For true love stick forever.