Sunday, 8 April 2012

It is you who

With pride of no redemption

By you magic’s and illusions existed

In the river of thoughts.

On top of Mount Everest I stood

From the Indian Ocean I swim across.

No true virtue was to be proved in the presence

Of you fountain of happiness.

Lake Victoria became a swimming pool

Table Mountain as my home foundation.

The feeling in the capillaries is directional

Can’t be reversed nor stopped.

Temptation seem to find no existence

In the organ of pressure-heart.

Satisfaction historical unfound

Evolutionally extinct, scientifically neutral

Mathematically negative infinity, religious untrue.

Down the pyramids of Egypt,

Upon mount Kilimanjaro of Kenya

Though no kangaroos passed by.

Lions as my bodyguards, monkeys as my gardeners

No wonder birds be my cleaners.

Peacock be my welcomers because Pacific Ocean surround my land

To form an island. My ceiling be the sky

Where the sun passes next to me, stars fall over my floor

Moon light my lovely nights.

Tigers be my servants, truly this is my land.

Elephants be my transport, indeed I aint dreaming.