Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ink and the paper

It wasn’t long far when we met,

Remember it was through the waves of intelligence.

Waves of great ideas, programmers sound story like

But deep into us it is joy for we both understood.

Like ashes fail its falls of faith

For the fictional friction aint survive through.

Dull useless thoughts as the sound of the art

Conquer the first day to glimpse, clap

No Kentucky by the side but a true piece

Of words of salvation. You kept on writing a love letter on me

Though you are sharp but it worth the reliability.

Not sure about loneliness but life was life

Before your arrival but the art you doing here above me

Above my soul, here above me

Above my soul system, the heart, the lungs but its fine

For not known historical linkage existed.

As thoughts liked my status on facebook

I amaze my amusement with smile.

Maybe for your beauty, maybe for your voice

As it cite loud the poem of change, poem of the Lord

Yes poem about Him above all, the almighty.

Like jazz melodies you do swear as romance survive the

The time in the presence of theater, those words feel as if they were written

Not for the rest but for me.

Deep in imagination, around the notion

The motion gives the lotion a chance to enforce

The enhancement of stimulation.

Like arteries serve the purpose of life

Like neurons as tiny serve the reality of one’s survival.

Probably one can agree that your eyes never stopped

To write me as I stare afar apart you but anyway it’s fine.

Between an ink and the paper there’s marriage

Interlinked by natural bond as the fossils of words

Witness the stance it tempers, while the business wise building

Could confirm the time met and spent.

Like crocodiles the skin may be rough but slowly

The melting point was found.

Certain things happen at their own will for that’s how they are//////