Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Ideals of written words

Such a day has arrived when

All ideologies are certified to ideals.

It was a Friday morning, cold freezing winter

Feet truly swear to glass yet never fell to break.

Shoes pasted directly on the feet.

By the gate he was standing,

Very concerned across complications.

Stinky and filthy, no doubt

His life is very close to an end.

He stood like a giant I couldn’t

Catch yet like falling stars that never reach the soil.

He called me son; son; for his appearance

I couldn’t stop but for my culture I had to voucher.

Tears from his eyes pouring like the rivers

Towards the sea. Got touched but couldn’t touch


He then postured his face like a portray

Of flowers: for sure he started to state

Some bombs from his mouth.

He said son I could see that

Passion has derived patience;

Pain has diverted perseverance;

As your dreams conquered wishes,

And great thoughts of tomorrow.

Yes vision is stronger than salt in the

Sea but the mission is devalued.

Behind you in the back

Of your bag.

You have a shinning not divining

Star of all time.

Your journey is directed by

Pages carried by you.

For doctors and pilots

Engineers and genius

Technicians and technologist.

Those are the derivatives of the

Secret of written words.

All your friends are shamed by prison

Shaved by death and culled by stupidity.

I never knew but I surpass the

Strength of written words.

Go and shine like the sun on sunny day

Stars in clear night.

Go across the waves of the sea for

Now you know the ideal of your mission.

For with knowledge limitations

Are faked, divining is expressed.

For if the foundation is strong

Your house will never fall.