Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I am appointed to write about you

“I know you know me and I also don’t know you

But your man asked me to write about you”

A glimpse of respect given to the golden creature

Across the road crossing. Down the love nerves report

Report the story of truism.

Optical nerves serve the whole service

Unintended a smile appear over me.

Whats up, whats down?

Can feel the the walking steps in the heart

Can imagine the strenght of polarity

Can estimate the attraction ability

Can say that she is the star acroos the street.

Eyes clockwisely as she vertically towards the statue.

Some pressure be exempted in the dephts

Of the left venrticle some generation on the left atrium.

Shame be done in the senses, there she pass

The sunrays penetrated the nerve to blush

When the melodious voice pass across the ears.

Really cant remember what said but the back

Left all eyes bared and stared.

The creator passed with no justice if

I am also the image of him.

Absorption slowly fail in the intestine,

There you turned around the corner

Got all optics placed on you

Dissappear on the corner

Ooh Gosh no beauty is better than that.

Though you aint tried miss world

But really you are. Though you didn’t land from the

Clouds but an angelism is visualised in you.

Though you walk across this streets but

I assure the worst you hardly find existence

In this paper land of mine.

No word can make description

Over your structure but obsession say it all.

“was he temptating me or what ? ”