Sunday, 15 April 2012

African princess

As the waves on the ocean follow

Each other same are the thoughts about you in my mind.

As the heart beat slowly honoring your presence

Slowly as I fall like a shot soldier.

As records being kept in documents

Your document is placed in safe and public.

The heart bow for you have appeared

Run out of blood as getting pale

Strongly icterus shows symptoms.

As the missing cool my heart to calls.

Never regret the chance of inheritance

As you inherited me to you and show off me.

Like the soils of Durban they

Shall walk over with fear and respect.

Like snow in winter

When they shall get dress to prepare themselves

To see, touch and talk to you.

Up in the Heaven where you  germinated

I see humble and joy.

Allow me to be your red carpet to walk over

Be your door mat to dust your shoes on,

Your couch to rest on,

Your bed to sleep on,

Your glass to drink wine on,

Your dish to eat on,

Your car to drive on,

Your eyes to blink with,

Your guard to keep you safety,

Your water to bath on

For you are all I ever thought.