Thursday, 5 April 2012

Above them all

Underground waters shall boil

Send the scent of your smile.

Faster than light I conquer

A bridge of contact as you

Serve the surfing of love.

Let them shout and insult

Let them harass and embarrass

Let them flame into ashes

Allow them to stand in never

Allowed stand.

Allow them to hate and witch

All these be unto you, then shine across.

Then embrace the chance of loving

A chance of being the queen princess’s.

Cohere your heart to the reality

Of possibility canvassed by passion,

Honest, truth and respect.

Raise the charming smile

Kick them with the tiny dramatic

Silver, crystal eyes look.

Sabotage them, walk over them,

Allow them to be your road to walk on,

Give them a chance to be your red carpets.

Invite them in your party,

In your wedding, in their anniversary

Cry in their funerals.