Monday, 26 March 2012

A song to my lady of soul

Dear my love I write this song

A song that can’t be finished

Yet never started for I can’t begin you

As I will never end you.

As an angel in a romantic night

Night filled with roses and flowers.

Seem to be crazier for I feel like falling

Again in love, I fall deeeeep in you

I shallow the past, drop to non-existence

Build a new invention of happiness, filled with colors of love

Calories of happiness, as carvellas depart our society.

Wouldn’t mind to wear you, dress you for you are the makeup of my heart,

Wouldn’t mind to drink you for my thirst desire you forever,

To smoothen the thoughts of the future as I bury the paaaaaaaaaaast,

Wouldn’t mind to cry for you for my tears are extinct.

Darling dear angel my palace of heart, my paradise soul mate

My chosen one, if the rib was mine then I invest even the heart

Seeking nothing in return just your loooooooooooove.

I sigh a poem in my mind that renders me into this ballad of all times

Probably Kirk made it clear but slowly I discover my manhood

My transfusion, aint aware of the dollars that was shed for love

As I lay myself on the chest of reality, never rest my case

But my heart colored red sink deep deep in the roses as my thoughts

Search you my love, my queen ,my one and chosen.

I cross around the equator landing to Equatorial Guinea not for

Settlement but to learn the care for you.

My portray my posture my poster my my my

I am in love with you dear or the dearest.