Saturday, 31 March 2012

Miracles of faith

It is through faith where

Miracles were done and still performed.

Magic’s of magic’s driven

Through permanent stamp of God.

Visions of no limitations

But of real compassion.

Through faith earth was built

Earth was given light

Plants and animals plotted and given life

We were then made by His image

Rights were landed in our hands.

Jesus His only son was born;

Crucified for free faith

Qualities, abilities and visualities

Inherited genetically.

In his blood genotypicaly I was cleansed

Phonotypical we were freed.

Yeah then Heavenly constitution was written.

Remember listen think it was through faith

Where Moses commanded the red sea to open

And dry for him to cross.

Yes demons were commanded out

Of Gods place.

Yeah I mean Jesus walked on top of water

When Jonah invented Heavenly prosperity.

The sun stood on the sky, the fire fell

David our witnesser: Goliath fell like a chopped tree.

Enoch and Elijah are true testifiers: clouds became their train to Heaven.

If faith is found satin fall on earth

Yet will find no place to hide.

Satin will slavery buried beneath the shadows

Of the underground water.