Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The millionaire

The divine divided through the compassion

In the passion of patience.

The object of success bonded slightly

In need of a twist to fit and be honored.

Through their wishes you kicked the world in no life

But through the internal mechanism you vandalize

All barriers of strong armies.

Far it may be but reaching is no impossible.

From ancients to your world-diversity turned

The planets make no mix, there you like the sun

In the centre of the sky in the summers day.
Shame is cursed but fame is uploaded

Through your veins and capillaries

Blesses are being downloaded into your brain.

So many says is being done but neither may trespass

Nor advocate your destiny.

Jump like a springbok, spin like a rocket

Run in the speed of light, shine more than the diamond.

Fly like a jet, lead like a hero

Not far your destination will be reached.

Question is why me?

Because you were born to be