Friday, 23 March 2012

A letter to your heart

Maybe too hard to relocate

The lost and past location.

Feels like twilight but it’s made

From the strongest, heaviest current in nature.

Though too deep but the smoke

Shall translate the mutuality through vapour.

Lonely your heart may have felt

Lost your heart may feel

But these transformational flavour

Favour the time and place.

Hurt maybe you felt

Broken maybe you lived.

If focus is through rational view

Of the reference point;

Then i suppose a chance to penetrate

Through like ultraviolet rays penetrate

In a vacuum.

If the sunshine through dark clouds

And suffocate earth with light daily.

Then the feeling placed across the

See, hear, touch, and think of you.

Bright the light made red by no blood

But by the thickness of loyalty, royalty

Trust worth, faithfulness, respect and truism.

Allow diffusion through your chest;

Fusion through your heart.