Monday, 19 March 2012

I am sorry:maybe

I am sorry maybe I should have

maybe I should have told you but then

it would have not helped but maybe then

I had my life to live so I never

I never paid attention to your life

For I understood the need of my life

through the burdens and buds of anger

as long as stable smuggles and struggles confirm

the witnesses of the time.

probably I never had time to cry

to cry and show you that I was hurt

anyway it would have not changed the pain'

the pain that formed the paleness of the heart.

as per say maybe I should have cried out

cried for the world to see and know who I was

anyway it would have never changed the smoke of the smocked beef snack.

like time beats as it confirms the heartbeat

as it conform the structures of tomorrow land.

never shall for those fought to know me

never ended upstairs but left amazed, glazed and glimpsed

by oppressed suppressional mind.

maybe I should have told what I thought of you

but now it aint change the emotional motion

for i am the broken candle but still shine.

shine for those intend to know nothing of me

but eager to learn