Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Government government what?

As maize stalk after maize

Has been utilized.

Look amazed, no way to restore

The taken bunch.

Shout from offices; from low to high;

Rural to urban; short to tall;

Educated to illiterate, poor to rich

Not mentioning the mini’s, semis and moderates.

Shouting the word government

As if it’s a charity bank,

As if it’s a south African social worker

But straight up to the government.

As if it’s a man, an afforder or provider

As if it’s the problem creator

Hence shall provide solutions.

As rights were laid like eggs

Babies were falling like rain drops.

Crime adventure around the streets

Drug abuse as genotypic traits.

Whilst educational desire disappear

Like water fell on a dry soil.

For responsibilities were forgotten

As poverty stepped into the boat.

Like a snake never noticed

But already corrupted the visions.

Louder than lions our voices

Are heard in the highest mountains

Shouting government to help;

Help for our stupid choices;

Help our outthought action,

Ooh shame the government is

Neither human nor human image.

A sub strain of leadership that

Substructure all the subdivisions

Of the nation.

Its never a bank but manage

Money; money not made but invested by you.

So government government what?