Sunday, 25 March 2012

Dream chasing

Ooh life you have rewarded

Me with awards to portray.

For sure dreams have

Determined my destination.

Passion through versions

As visions flashes strong missions.

I left my love, my family

My roots, my dead dreams.

I abandoned my long lasted intentions

Lost my so known self communal

Integrity, dignity and similarity.

I pound all the founds

And spare my short term pleasures.

Left the prepared to prepare

My own divine, lightning strike,

My stainless crystallite spark.

Ooh my future so I wish to see you

Ahead of me.

Too far to touch, too far to see,

To control, to contrary, to conquer.

Tears of desire never stop pouring

For clouds cover the sky to brighten it

As pleasure land to plants

Sun bright our so called earth.

For even if yours is not determinable

You shall reach and perish

Your ashes.

Wish alternatives existed

But seemingly even floating isn’t

Pure in the world of images.

Too dark to penetrate to the head

But still willing to see the ideals

You treasured for me in storage.

Like the end of a story though no enjambment

No swearing or threatening

Shaping or seeping

Sloping or steeping

Those are dream chasers.

Forget their names to

Forfeit their unidentified (imaginations)

Pleasured hatred as they

Burn those deceiving love.